EP Ceramics Forum

EP Ceramics Forum EP Ceramics ForumEP Ceramics ForumEP Ceramics Forum

The European Parliament Ceramics Forum is a cross party discussion group with the objective of facilitating  the dialogue between the European institutions and the ceramic industry on all relevant policy developments.

It provides a platform for the exchange of views, the identification of key issues, and for taking action on behalf of the industry and of the people working in this crucial EU sector. Participants of this Forum are Members of the European Parliament, decision makers from the ceramic industry and representatives of the European trade unions. The European Commission is also actively supporting the Forum and Commission officials are regularly in attendance at the meetings to update on current and forthcoming issues.

The EP Ceramics Forum has its roots in the 1994-1999 Parliament, when a Ceramics Intergroup was founded by Michael Tappin, former Member of the European Parliament from North Staffordshire (UK). It was re-established by former MEPs Michael Cashman and Malcolm Harbour following their election to the European Parliament in June 1999 until their departure in May 2014. Since his re-election, MEP Paul Ruebig has taken over as EPCF Chair for the first part of the 2014-2019 Parliamentary mandate. 

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